Manufacturing Plant Manager

Job Description

Seeking a Manufacturing Plant Manager for a very busy, growing plant in Middletown, NY. The Manufacturing manager in a phrase responsible for the “4 walls of the manufacturing process”, this includes but is not limited to:

Job Summary:

The Manufacturing Plant Manager will report directly to the Converting Production Manager and interface with the VP of Operations. The position is directly responsible for the supervision of the following departments: Tooling, Converting (A, B, C, D crews) and Strappers / Dressing. The Manufacturing Plant Manager will monitor the performance criteria of over twenty converting machines. Each operational team (individually and as a team) will be monitored from the aspect of safety, setups, individual jobs (run speeds) and overall performance (as close to OEM specifications as possible). Additionally, responsible for analyzing areas of focus and growth stemming from root cause analysis to improve on root cause or work with planning by identifying jobs that are challenging to the machine center or better suited for production in other work centers within the factory.


The broad responsibilities that define the position from a proactive point of view includes:

· All aspects of Safety inclusive of Housekeeping

· Communications between all departments & management both laterally (Day to Day) and vertically (Day to Night) in a proactive manner as it relates to all facets of the manufacturing process

· Lead, groom, cultivate, mentor operators, supervisors & superintendants to the highest possible level of ability and moral

· Converting machine clean up processes along with consumables management

· Supporting, developing, implementing the necessary manufacturing processes, policies, procedures for a successful manufacturing facility

· The corrugator schedule as it relates to the converting department to highlight special needs and considerations (i.e. E flute, KemiArt, 5 color jobs, new customers, etc.).

· Direct interface with Maintenance Manager on Converting Machine conditions and schedule of machine maintenance events along with Planning Manager including machine testing post maintenance event


· High school diploma or GED is required.

· Must have a minimum of 3-5 years supervisor experience within the corrugated industry.

· 3 to 5 years working knowledge on flexo’s and / or die cutters

· Specialty folder gluers, laminators and other specialized equipment

Middletown, NY
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